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Executive Messages

A message from Osler’s President and CEO and Board Chair

Osler Strong.

It’s a phrase we’ve repeated many times over the last year. Two simple words that, together, speak to the very heart of who we are and what we’re capable of at Osler.

Here and around the globe, 2020-21 brought with it challenges and, at times, heartbreak. Yet, amid all the uncertainty, at Osler we never stopped Going Beyond for our patients and their families. Day after day, we continued to do what we always do – deliver high-quality, safe, compassionate care to those in need.

But we didn’t do it alone. Every step of the way, we collaborated, partnered, gave and sought support from others.

We got through it together.

Our 2020-21 Annual Report, highlights some of the many remarkable moments of compassion and resilience from a year like no other. Together, our staff, physicians and volunteers found new ways to support our communities – one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 virus in the province. We accelerated and enhanced virtual care models, we helped patients stay connected with their loved ones and, when required, we took on new roles to help wherever the need was greatest.

Together with our Foundation, Osler’s health care heroes inspired thousands of people to donate millions of dollars to help our COVID-19 response. We couldn’t be more grateful for their support, and for the many messages of thanks and hope our Osler team received.

In 2020-21, our relationship with our health care partners hit a new high as we worked side-by-side to open testing sites and vaccine clinics and, when needed, our neighbouring hospitals throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond were there for us as we transferred patients to ensure they received the care they needed. Ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness were evident in so many ways this past year - and all made possible by the extraordinary efforts of our Osler team and partners.

We send a heartfelt thank you to everyone, inside and outside our hospital walls, who stood united with us in 2020-21 and helped make us Osler Strong. As we navigate year two of the pandemic, we do so with the confidence that we will continue to get through whatever comes our way, together.


Dr. Naveed Mohammad

President and CEO

William Osler Health System


Geoffrey Ritchie, J.D, LL.M

Board Chair

William Osler Health System

A message from Osler’s Clinical Leadership

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We couldn’t agree more.

That’s why, when it came time to tell the story of 2020-21, a year forever etched in our minds and hearts, we knew one of the most powerful ways to do it was through images.

The photographs you’ll see capture the compassion, resilience, camaraderie and unbreakable resolve that our staff, physicians, volunteers, community and health care partners demonstrated last year. Osler’s 2020-21 Annual Report showcases and celebrates how we have been Going Beyond, Together every step of the way.

There were many pivotal moments and impressive achievements in 2020-21 – significant feats that were only possible because we were willing to think differently about how and where we provide care, and to shift gears and quickly transform our programs and services.

We were one of the first hospitals in the province to perform COVID-19 tests and administer vaccines. We accelerated our virtual care platform, providing the community with access to safe, specialized care throughout the pandemic, and beyond. We started a remote at home monitoring program for patients with COVID-19. We grew game-changing cancer treatment technology at Osler and launched a digital Operational Command Centre that is revolutionizing patient access and flow.

There were also moments of incredible humanity. When our long-term care partners needed us, we stepped forward without hesitation. We took on new roles and responsibilities to support the COVID-19 response. We helped connect patients with their loved ones when they couldn’t be there in person and sat with them so they never felt alone. We even held a hospital-wide food drive for struggling families in our community.

Thank you to each and every one of you for all you did, and continue to do, for our patients, community and each other. You continue to inspire us every day and we know that together we can get through anything.

Dr. Frank Martino

Dr. Frank Martino

Chief of Staff

William Osler Health System

Kiki Ferrari

Kiki Ferrari

Chief Operating Officer

William Osler Health System

Tiziana Rivera

Tiziana Rivera

Vice President, Quality and Chief Nurse Executive

William Osler Health System

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