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Osler Strong: Going Beyond, Together

In a year that tried to tear us apart, we came together and found the strength and resilience to be there for our patients, community and one another with courage and compassion.

This year’s Annual Report captures our extraordinary journey and shows how, in a year like no other, we came together to Go Beyond. 

By the numbers 2020-21

Icon of a test tube pouring a liquid into a flask

383,050 COVID-19 tests conducted

Icon of a baby stroller

7,397 babies born during the COVID-19 pandemic

Icon of a syringe

50,214 COVID-19 vaccines delivered

Icon of a face on a mobile device screen

6,754 virtual visits between patients and loved ones

Icon of a medical professional infront of a computer monitor

110,605 virtual care appointments

Icon of a person in a hospital bed

2,497 COVID-19 patients cared for in hospital

Icon of a moving ambulance

458 patient transfers to other hospitals

Icon of a telephone symbol

81 COVID-19 staff and community town halls held

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